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Haratake Aoi

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Haratake Aoi

Post by Kinjou Kaninar on Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:03 am

Name: Haratake Aoi

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Race: Human

Appearance: Wavy brown hair kept at shoulder length and often worn in a ponytail, it seems suited opposite his hazel colored eyes, which hide behind a set of eye glasses worn for comfort. He is a well built gentleman standing at 6' (1.80m) and weighing 162 lbs.(73 kg), which his medium frame wears well. Two defining scars are present on his face, a vertical jagged line down his forehead and another across his left temple.

Loyalty: Himself, Mika Nobi

Personality: Reserved, self-involved, mildly pragmatic are what best describe his personality, as this mild-mannered individual is in truth a cynical soul who doesn't think much of the world. Living his life as a lone vigilante at first, he discovered that all that really mattered was keeping food on the table and living the simple life. He enjoys very simple things and remains a tolerant man.

Weaponry: Amaliadh (Ars Armagus-Hammeraxe)


Modified Physiology is referring to the changes that were implemented through a surgery that Aoi had undertaken, changing his overall capacity as a human being and pushing it to another level. Allowing him to push his body to greater limits beyond a normal human's capacity. Having regained the sight in his damaged eye through this process is proof of its success with him.

Honed Skills simply refers to the enhanced attributes of Aoi as through his methods of training and exercise to push his potential to the best he can manage.

Expert practitioner with Hammeraxe is referring to an expert level of skill when wielding the hammeraxe weapon. Indicating a strong foundation of skills gained through application of practice and experience.

Ars Armagus: Amalaidh is a weapon that fell into the hands of the Haratake family 4 generations ago. It had been a gift from his father to him and is one of Aoi's few prized possessions in life. The ability of the armagus is to generate a harmful orange-colored energy, after gathering a mass around the hammeraxe's head and can be released at the user's whim.

End Abilities Section

History: Haratake Aoi, second oldest of of 5 with a crummy past, a typical overshadowed life that gave him a desire to prove he was more than he seemed. Once getting his general education, Aoi took off and became a vigilante. Vowing to make something of himself from the age of 18, he spent these past 7 years growing into a decently skilled solo vigilante. During the passage of time, he'd learned to be confident and bold in taking action for a buck. Having become cynical living on his own, he learned to trust only in what he saw and could bring himself to believe. This left a fairly monotonous existence that he'd become wrapped up in. Figuring at 25 that he understood the world, very little would surprise him. How wrong he was, he'd soon fine.

It was one day that he'd faced a particularly difficult boundary that he found life wasn't quite so simply. The day that he'd met Mika Nôbi was the day that all of that had changed. Offered help by a strange woman he had only just met, in order to split a difficult bounty for easier cash sounded like a fair deal to him. So without much complaint, he went out on a limb and trusted her. Only to find that as he struggled against the bounty, he found himself on the end of a brutal punishing battle; one that ended in their favor when Mika finally decided to act. Once the man was immobilized, the battle was ended at some great sacrifice to Aoi, who'd lost his eye and taken grave battle damage. Before she could go, he demanded her to own up to her promise; to which end he was later operated on and his wounds repaired. It was in this strange balance that they'd found a foundation to become allies. Life had changed and he learned from another, things were not what they seemed.

RP sample: If you need one, I can always do one.
Kinjou Kaninar
Kinjou Kaninar

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Re: Haratake Aoi

Post by Reiei on Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:55 am

Personnally, I think you have way too many OCs out there, even when E'thale will be gone. Also, the fact that he's heavily linked to Mika with extremely few characteristic traits on his own makes me think he is 'yet another' of your OCs with the exact same way to act as the others, and as such he won't grow on anyone in my haughty opinion.

You might as well just keep E'thale destroyed without replacement and keep it on with the eight (I think) characters you have without making another OC, really...

So, as for Mika, my answer is "No."



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