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I need to stop going inactive -_-

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I need to stop going inactive -_-

Post by Hazama on Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:16 am

Hey I know some people are probably like "Wtf you came back but you haven't been on for like a week or two." I apologize for my recent inactivity once again I'm trying to stay active on this site but it's a little difficult, along with this RP I'm on a Kingdom Hearts RP and an awesome one called Universalys one of my friends made. On those 2 sites I have 3 characters on KH and 4 on Universalys *I'm a Staff so I get an NPC account* Along with this site where I am Litchi and now Hazama. I do not want to dissapoint you guys so I promise to get on as much as I can. I've decided not to make any OC's for awhile until I get a lot more comfortable with how this site RPs *this is waaaaay different than how I RP on my other 2 sites* so until then I'll just be Litchi and Hazama unless any Canons I like become open. Just a topic to say that I'm still here you guys. I plan to try to have fun on this site like I used to.

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Re: I need to stop going inactive -_-

Post by Tamurai Shukumei on Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:01 pm

Well good to hear you'll be back, I too am back from my small channel of inactivity, I am gonna rock and roll full blast now this coming week. Prepare to see me :3

Tamurai Shukumei

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