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My bid for Bang Shishigami [DONE]

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My bid for Bang Shishigami [DONE]

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:55 pm

I know I said Tager would be my last canon role, I'm trying out for this at Kokonoe/Taokaka's insistence. Should I be approved anyone who would like the role of Tager need only ask and I'm happy to give it up.

Name: Bang Shishigami

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race: Human

Appearance: Bang stands 192 cm and weighs in at a solid 105 kg. He possesses an extremely well defined muscle structure, having a full 6 pack along with considerable bulk on his arms and legs. He has a high forehead, heavy brow, somewhat stubby nose, light stubble, and a light tan. Bang has kind brown eyes the same shade as his mass of wild hair which is tied back in a very messy ponytail. A large cross-shaped scar stretches across the bridge of Bang's nose, a scar he recieved fron Jin kisaragi in the Ikaragu Civil War. Bang wears a custom cut olive green jacket which covers his back and shoulders while leaving his chest and stomach bare. The symbol of the Ikaruga clan is on each shoulder in gold. On his forearms are stainless steel vambraces which can fold forward into powerful gauntlets used to beat opponents into submission.

Bang's lower body is covered with an olive green hakama held up by a wide grey belt with a red star insignia on the buckle. The bottoms of the hakama are tucked into dark grey armored grieves which cover his shins and the top of his foot. They have gold accents and clawed toes for scaling walls. Rounding out his outfit is a long crimson scarf around his neck which reaches down to his ankles, brown fingerless gloves, and a 55 inch nail strapped to his back (a memento of his master)

Loyalty: The survivors of the Ikaruga Cival War and any innocent in peril

Personality: To call Bang boisterous would be an understatement. He is extremely hyperactive and always jumping to conclusions at a moment's notice. He is unfailingly respectful towards women and attempts to turn the other cheek in most conflicts. However, his greatest devotion is to the cause of love and justice. Bang seeks to do good for those around him but has no delusions about saving the world. His focus, commitment, and work ethic are his greatest strengths and earn him the respect of the occasional opponent even if his combat skills do not. Bang is unable to let go of his grudge against Jin Kisaragi and has a one-sided love for Litchi.

Weaponry: In addition to his gauntlets, grieves, and nail, Bang makes use of numerous nail-shaped throwing knives in battle. They are the signature weapon of the Ikaruga style ninja style and a source of pride for Bang who can hurl them with alarming accuracy. He has several different versions, including explosive ones, poisoned nails, rebounding nails, and ones which deploy nets to trap his foes. It is worth noting that Bang has an inactive Nox Nyctores in his possession but he is entirely unaware of it.

Abilities: In addition to his impressive hand-to-hand combat techniques, Bang is exceptionally fast and agile, rebounding in midair as if jumping off invisible platforms. His ninja training has given him survival training along with infiltration and escape techniques even if his loud personality tends to get in the way. Using physical energy called chi, Shishigami is able to augment his physical strikes with flame, allowing for flaming punches and kicks. The flames burn "as hot as his youthful spirit" and are capable of melting ice at nearly absolute zero. Bang can also boost his strength and speed to tremendous levels through the use of his "super mode" Fu-Rin-Kaa-Zan. All of Bang's physical abilities are boosted in this state but it's duration is limited [4 posts] and upon it's completion, Bang is physically exhausted.

History: Bang was born a simple peasant in Ikaruga before being abandoned at the age of 5 by his starving parents. Bang was fortunate to be taken into the care of Master Tenjo, grandmaster of the Ikaruga ninja clan, and raised like a son. Bang dedicated his life to the perfection of his master's art and developed a deep love for his land along with a strict sense of justice. When Tenjo's son was born, Bang took on the role of older brother and looked out for him. His life was relatively peacful until tensions with the NOL reached a boiling point regarding the limits on Arsmagus. With a decisive first strike by the NOL, the Ikaruga Civil War had begun.

Bang fought alongside Master Tenjo early on in the war and was responsible for several key victories. However, when a devastating strike from the NOL destroyed the Ikuraga clan's center of power the war became unwinnable. With the death of Tenjo at Jin Kisaragi's hands, the war finally ended and the Ikuraga clan was massacred. Bang and a few survivors were able to escape relatively unscathed and now work tirelessly to restore the clan to it's former glory. In a personal quest, Bang has recently heard news that Tanjo's son is alive and is seeking him out.

RP sample: The moon hung high in the sky casting a pale blue glow over the cityscape. Despite the grand scale of the city, there seemed to be no one about at this time of night save for a lone woman. She scurried through the deserted alleyways short on breath, forcing one labored step after another. Within seconds her persuers came into view, three young men armed with knives chased after her, unclean thoughts permeating there minds. In a bad turn of luck, the woman met a dead end and cowered in fear as the men closed in. Sadistic grins stretched across their faces as the woman shook with fear. The first man advanced only to fly backwards, pinned to a wall by a net. After a moment of confusion the people glanced skyward. Perched upon the edge of the roof with his arms crossed was a man.

A crimson scarf fluttered in the wind as the full moon shone behind him, accenting his silouette. With a dramatic, perhaps too dramatic, fashion, the newcomer flung his arms out wide and balanced on one leg. "Fear not, yonder maiden. For like a hammer upon the head of a nail, your calls for help have helpfully called out for me to help you. AND I SHALL! The strange man leapt to the street below, landing in a wide horse stance. Suddenly he flung his fist forward, punching thin air. "For I am the mighty warrior of love and justice, Bang Shishigami. And I...will...rock you!" His speech complete, Bang vaulted forward in a flying sidekick, a highpitched yell escaping his gaping mouth as he's foot connected with the second man's solar plexus.

As the second man fell unconscious, Bang rounded on the third who stood stunned at the pomp of this entrance. The Ikaruga ninja pulled back his armored fist and struck the final attacker square in the head knocking him out cold. The man hadn't even hit the pavement before Bang turned towards the awestruck woman. Bang gave her an exaggerated thumbs up along with a grin which somehow twinkled in the darkness. "And so the fruits of my awesome efforts have once more overcome the vile forces of darkness. BOOYAH!" With that the ninja vanished as quickly as he had appeared in a puff of smoke.

Theme Song: I know it's not a part of the template but I couldn't apply for Bang without including it.

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Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: My bid for Bang Shishigami [DONE]

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:06 am

Yeah....I could never do this this well. I don't want you to give up Tager though. You do him just as, if not more, perfectly as you do Bang.

I guess I'll be going for Tsubaki!

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Re: My bid for Bang Shishigami [DONE]

Post by Webmaster on Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:40 pm

Seeing your impersonations on the chatbox and the massive amount of text, i think i don`t even have to read this to give you approval.

Approvals 2

Disapprovals 0


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Re: My bid for Bang Shishigami [DONE]

Post by Arakune on Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:50 pm

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Re: My bid for Bang Shishigami [DONE]

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