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Saya the Imperator

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Saya the Imperator

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:18 pm

Since Lambda was so kind to allow me to use his WIP Saya I've completed her characteristics :

Name: Saya Van Halen (Adopted by the NOL`s former Imperator Gregory Van Halen)

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Race: Human

Appearance: A frail, small young girl with long purple hair which she keeps in a long ponytail, big red eyes and pale skin as due to being among the royal order and spending her time inside behind locked doors. She´s 155 cm tall, weighs 45 kilogramms and posesses Blood type A as well as B cup sized breasts. She is a natural blonde, so the purple color is most likely applied via Hairdye.

She wears a dark purple yukata as formal dress, black lines around the collar unite on the back to form the logo of the NOL. She also wears a crown which looks like a piece of modern art, a two stage design with golden rods hanging down from a large circle around her head like a halo, symbolic for the 13 Hirachical city Kagutsuchi, which looks alike. On the frontmost part is also a large golden plate with the emblem of the NOL engraved into it. A sort of gravity defying scarf surrounds her loosely, bearing resemblence to the coat the Murakumo units wear.


Loyalty: Novus Orbis Librarium, seemingly, but she`s in charge of it so she might as well be loyal to herself.

Personality: In every situation Saya stays calm, even thought she's working with Terumi most of her time. Her health is in a bad shape and can't be cured with any Arsmagus or medical support. Even so she's got no agony cause she already knows her destiny and lives with it.

Saya is the only person in the entire world to wield two Nox Nyctores at the same time.
One of them is Take-Mikazuchi, but since it can only be fired every four years, she wields another for regular occasion.The second on is Houyoku (Phoenix Wing) and used to be her crown.

Take-Mikazuchi: Its form is that of an attack satellite or more like an coffin for the Nox. Take-Mikazuchi is the only Nox that can react without an user, but it's loyal to Saya and does everything she orders. Rumors says that the death of Take-Mikazuchi's user would make it go berserk.It's main attack is an extremly strong Laser Beam capable of destroying an whole city. This Beam can only be firered once in 4 years because of the small amount of Seithr in the atmosphere. Secundary Take-Mikazuchi acts as an simple spy by sending informations to the NOL headquarter.

Houyoku: It's an shapeshifting Nox that can take the form of every weapon. Normaly it's in crown form, but in battle it can switch within splitseconds into any other form. Even complex weapons like sniper rifles and dual swords are possible. The other side of the coin is the more complex the weapon the more the Nox will corrupt ones health. So Houyoku actually isn't very suitable for Saya, but it only accept Saya to be his master.

Abilities: Since her standart Nox is a shapshifter her fighting ability is very flexible and reaches from long range fighting via sniper rifle over long range close combat via spear to close combat via sword. Even thought she's the head of the NOL and is keept out of battles her fighting ability is far beyond any normal NOL soldier. To fullfill her own goals she used Relius Clover as sparing partner to perfect her combat abillities. She also has some Arsmagus and other magical powers learned from Phantom. Her only limitation is her medical condition that forces her to retreat if a battle last too long.

History: The first thing Saya can remember is waking up next to Ragna on a Battlefield. There is nobody left alive besides her, Jin and Ragna who's injured by guarding her body from some attacks. After taking care of Ragna's wounds they where wandering over the battlefield and where finally found by Nine's sister.

One Month later they allready fully recovered and found a new home in a orphanchurch leaded by Nine's sister. But Saya become ill after staying only 2 week's in the church and died after 3 years. But that wasn't the end but the beginning. She died in one of the first time loops and through an anomaly she didn't lost her memory. After some other time loops she found an methode to hold down the effects of her affliction and come to the decision to stop the time loops so that her suffer also stops. She used Terumis attack on the Church to escape and starts her plan.

RP sample: (Here you show us how you can rp. An alternative option is to spar someone in an out of RP fight on this site and post the link to it here.)


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Re: Saya the Imperator

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:43 pm

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Re: Saya the Imperator

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:51 am

Kokonoe here.

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Re: Saya the Imperator

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:05 pm



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Re: Saya the Imperator

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