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Kento Regaki (Done)

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Kento Regaki (Done)

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:22 am

Name: Kento Regaki

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Human

Appearance: He is six foot four, his skin color is pale, his hair is pure black and his fringe has a little red on it ,he has a cyborg eye and his normal eye color is light blue, he has an average body frame for a ninja. His body has endrued much even though he is young lossing his eye and having many scars from past battles. He wears a mask that covers from his neck to his nose and cheeks, he wears a grey shirt with small square desgin on it just below the collar and baggy sleves, he wears black trousers and sandels with black socks.

He likes to wear black and gray clothes he hates to wear other color of clothes mainly because he doesn't feel right wearing them, he is quite hansome under the mask though he is quite shy.

Loyalty: Ikaruga

Personality: He doesn't talk much though gets angry at Bang when he does stupid stuff and will usualy hit bang if he sees it is needed, he whises only to protect his comrades and become the strongest ninja to ever have lived though he keeps that dream a secret. The reason for his mask is because without it he becomes incridebly shy also when women hug him or make other non harmfull body contact he starts to show his shyness.

Weaponry: alot of Kunai, shurken and wires.

Abilities: Shadow storage: he can store his kunai and shuriken in his sleves though he needs to have his shirt on for the ablity to work as the shadows in the shirt work as a pocket dimension which stores his items that are limted to the size of kunai, shuriken and wires.

Unforgiving storm: with two kunai in hand he runs around his target fast enough to be seen as a blur then goes in for the attack at random directions. This is a gamble move as he is exguahsted after wards and needs enough space to run around in.

BANG YOU IDIOT: A move only used against bang in which Kento smacks him hard as hell with or without weapons.

History: Kentos mother died giving birth, he was brought up on the way of the ninja he inherited his fathers ability to store items in a pocket dimension however his father died before he could get a chance to learn how to use it propaly so he grew up learning it on his own. During the Ikaruga war his father was killed and Kento was left alone, .He began to wear a mask becuase seom women were starting to look at him and this made him incredubly shy, also he devoloped a need to hit Bang when he did stupid stuff.

He got the cyborg eye recently after defending a small family from bandits, he sacrifsed his eye to save a lilttle girl whos father was a sientist and gave Kento the cyborg eye.

RP sample: Kento walked on a path enrute to a small town, he noticed something in the distance it was bandits attacking a small family Tch under Kento's mask he gritted his teeth and quickly ran to their aid. He lept into the fray his right foot smacked the back of a bandits head instintly knocking him out Shadow storage out from his sleves appeared kunai, he grabed then with his hands. The bandits turned there attention to Kento ...die within the blink of an eye he charged at them slashing at there necks killing them, more came.

He cleched his kunai More no matter I can.. he heared a scream of a little girl as he looked he saw a man going for here with a knife, he ran straight for him Damn it I can't let her get hurt he sliced the mans arm off, the bandit had a hidden blade and slashed at the girl last second, blood dripped onto the ground Kento twiched in pain as his eye was slashed. The bandits fled out of fear, seening Kento as some kind of demon, the girls father later gave Kento a cyborg eye for his troubles.

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Re: Kento Regaki (Done)

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:44 am

I want more in the bio, you make no mention of the Ikaruga Civil War and that is huge dude, especially if you're an Ikaruga ninja survivor.
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