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Setoshi Hiyori Finished

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Setoshi Hiyori Finished

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:41 am

Name: Setoshi "Seto" Hiyori

Gender: Male


Human Cyborg

Appearance: Seto is a light tan teenager, which is odd considering that he was implanted Cybernetics after he was found unconscious. His eyes are a light blue, and his hair is jet black and he has a shaggy hairstyle in which he where his hat all the time. His choice of clothing is similar to a Renaissance Style. His body is slender yet still slightly muscular. Seto's clothing consist of a blue tunic over a gray long-sleeved shirt and gray pants, matched with blue gloves and boots and a black hat and Black hooded cape. His hat is somewhat of a different style as it bears his symbol as Kokonoe was able merciful enough to keep it on him. Over his sleeves, Seto wears two cybernetic gloves which are enfused with two Chrono Spheres on the gloves, and on his waist he carries a pouch which only has a small notebook with notes written in it. Seto wears Dark blue boots and has wrappings on his ankles.


Loyalty: Slight Loyalty to Sector Seven

Personality: Seto is the quiet type, he usually keeps his thoughts well to himself but when asked his opinion is well thought out and but sometimes not the right thing to say. He would rely more on thinking out strategies then fighting their opponent with out knowing some openings they can use to strike but at some points when he'll get angry he overreacts and strikes without coming to his senses. This person hates to hold grudges though, if he is mad one day at a person doesn't mean he'll still be mad the next. He generally looks out for other people that seem unable to defend themselves and tries to do his best to make things better for them, making him really soft at heart for people sometimes. His usual non-talkative attitude doesn't make him the best person to spend time with but if he has trust in someone and truly cares about them he will speak more often to them and really open up to his thoughts and tell what memories of his past disturbs him. Seto is a strong fighter and partner for his height, he may look like weak when seen through the eyes of an opponent but he is very athletic, and strong.

Weaponry: Chrono Staff

  • Chrono Shapeshift: The appearance of the person on whom the Shapeshifting Technique is performed is 100% identical to the original person. The technique will imitate any weapons, tools held by the original person, allowing the copy to fight with them. The power of the copy doesn't allow them him to copy the exact fighting style. The Ability will run out in less then ten minutes unless the user is injured critically, the ability is canceled and the morph fades. As it even uses up his Chrono energy, this is an incredibly dangerous technique if pushed to its limit.

  • Rising Stone Spears: This Ability lets Seto condense mud or stone, from the ground, and shape them into spikes that will rise from the ground and fly towards him in order to skewer the target like spears. The spikes cannot penetrate targets of greater density.

  • Chrono Cicada: It allows for a movement at great speed leaving an afterimage behind. The afterimage may even appear to have taken damage.

History: Seto was born and raised in Orient Town as an orphan, His childhood was mostly spent reading old texts of the Dark War and about The 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi which fascinated him alot for a child of his kind. He spent time training out in secret spots learning how to fight and was soon able to control Armagus which made him happy, at the age of eight he left the orphanage to try to survive on his own which was only doing well due to him sometimes sleeping outside of the Kaka Village even though he slept outside though not to cause a problem the Kaka kids of the village always played with him when ever they saw him. At the age of ten he enlisted in NOL where he learned how the rules of the Hierarchical City, But soon his life had taken the turn of fate when the Ikaruga Civil War started and during the battle Seto was ambushed and was killed in combat. His body was taken away from the NOL so they wouldn't know about his death by hired thugs, as they entered The Sheol Gate the thugs were then gone as his body laid there slowly dieing he saw what he could explain as his Armagus slowly disappearing from his body.

As he closed his eyes he saw a figure standing over him as a hand reached out for him. Seto fell into a dark sleep knowing he had died, as he floated in the abyss he heard the voices of people around him as if they were talking through him. He called out to them but he knew he was in his limbo awaiting judgement, as he felt the approach of the deaths hand he heard of the sound of a girl calling out to him in a slightly angry tone. As he opened his eyes his vision was blurry but somehow he felt as if he was alive , though he couldn't see what was happening he noticed a flash of pink standing over him telling him not to move. He later awoken completely in a giant tube staring face to face with scientists as they reacted to his awaken, suddenly he saw a gigantic red person walk up to him and stared at him. Seto began freaking out as he struggled to break free he saw the implanted cybernetics in his body as the liquid in his tube was drain causing him to fall, as the tube raised he looked up and noticed a strange Pink haired girl staring at him as she wrote notes on what appeared to be a clipboard. Seto's first intention was to run but was grabbed by the big red person who told him to calm down and not to over do it, As Seto was held still the Girl told him of herself and her associate who known as Kokonoe and Iron Tager. Kokonoe angrily explained how Tager found his corpse and brought it back to Sector Seven without her permission and that she rebuilt him as a cyborg even though she hated thought of bringing back an NOL from the dead, though she knew she could use him as a spy he disapproved only to be slapped by her.

After hours of arguing and painful hits by Kokonoe, Seto agreed to help but on the term that he gets to live his life again. Kokonoe agreed but that he reports to her or Tager every now and then, Seto agreed as he walked out of the lab. As he walked back to where he was raised he knew that he lost his Armagus and has to work with what he has now, he knows though some might not remember him its best if they never try to remember him as seven years had past since his death.

RP sample: (Here you show us how you can rp. An alternative option is to spar someone in an out of RP fight on this site and post the link to it here.)


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Re: Setoshi Hiyori Finished

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:42 pm

Looks good so far Seto, just write up the RP Sample and we can start voting on it.
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