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Carl Clover

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Carl Clover

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:13 pm

Hi you guys, this is my heartfelt shot at trying to join your community as my favorite character, Carl. XD Sorry just a heads up, its quite long.. hope it's not too long..


Name: Carl Clover

Gender: Male

Age: Adolescent (No official numeric age has been stated)

Race: Human


Standing at about 4' 7", Carl is obviously young, and his lack of height is made especially obvious by the way Nirvana simply towers above him. His large sapphire hues are constantly obscured behind equally large spectacles. His locks are a light dirty blonde, chin-length, which is quite styled. Atop his head sits an over-sized purple top hat, standing at at least 8-9 inches in height. A sheet of steel envelopes half its exterior, held in place by a large brass screws on either end. The hat conceals two 'ahoges', which consistently sprout themselves whenever he's seen without his headgear.

The rest of his wardrobe also consists of this quirky mix of industrialized purple-and-white formal attire, which has a slight magician-esque air to it. His overshirt, white and hemmed in purple, is cropped at just above elbow-length. A tuxedo blouse, it has large purple cuffs complete with brass screwhead cufflinks. The whitest of nylon formal gloves cover his hands at all times.
His undershirt is also white, a simple long-sleeved button-up dress shirt. Shrouding his shoulders is a violet cape, which attaches to him at the front via a tan strap to an over-sized steel sort of bow tie. Just beneath that, a type of simplistic jabot made of heavy brass dangles.
A purple sort of waistcoat/vest hugs his body, running parallel down the course of his belly, which forks out just as his high-cut shorts begin. Those, too, are a brilliant violet, over sized and hemmed in white. Finally, to complete his look, he wears knee-high purple boots, adorned with a sort of reversed lavender cross symbol. They are also plated with steel on his toe and heel areas.

Loyalty: Nirvana(/Ada) and himself.


In a nutshell, Carl is an ambitious and very bright, talented young boy. His personality itself retains a balancing act of social and anti-social, serious and playful, integrity and spite, humble and cocky, all rolled into one small, rather two-sided individual. He is also quite eccentric. One of his most identifiable aspects is the extreme attachment he has to his companion, a Nox Nyctores in the form of a mechanical marionette known as Nirvana, who used to be his human sister Ada Clover. As such, he addresses her as 'Sis' or Ada. The marionette is by far the being that Carl spends the most time with, and he shows his most endearing side around her. The mutual love he shares with Nirvana is true and unwavering, and he most certainly puts the Nox Nyctores above all else, even himself.

Possessing an iron will and drive, if Carl really sets his mind to something, he will pursue it relentlessly. The boy is also quite optimistic on his own time. He holds an appreciation for even the seemingly trivial moments he spends with the living doll that his sister has become. For example, he seems the happiest whenever he has the opportunity to simply admire the beauty of nature, undisturbed, with Nirvana.

Carl is quite multitalented, especially for his age, portraying that he's a bright individual. Fittingly, he's very intelligent, prodigiously so, and has the sharp wit and tactics to match. The boy often shows the maturity of an adult as well. There are some instances in which his youthfulness does show through though.

He's also definitely misunderstood, as is his relationship with the marionette. Many of the characters presume he's more insane than he could ever be. For example, they don't know that Nirvana has the ability to telepathically communicate with Carl, and they believe that Nirvana is dragging him slowly but surely into the abyss of insanity. This is a false accusation, though the prejudice he and Nirvana are constantly battered by in reverberation to this causes them to isolate themselves further and further from the rest of the characters.

Politeness and courtesy are important values to the boy, as he usually speaks in a mannerful, civil way to everyone he meets. Even when confronting a known enemy or target, he shows them the same respect and courtesy. The shota shows everyone this mannerful charm unless he's provoked to act otherwise. However, provoking this young vigilanté is not as difficult to do as one would believe it would be at first glance.

Because of his past, the boy has developed a deep-rooted edge of suspicion. When meeting someone new, he gives the stranger a fair first chance, polite and thoughtful. However, even just calling Nirvana by her robotic name raises a watchful eye of doubt in Carl, his benevolent nature immediately morphing into a spite-laced interrogational one.
Furthermore, if they so much as tip-toe onto the "touchy subject" of Nirvana in the slightest offensive manner, he holds an almost immediate grudge on them from that point onward. Dare to tread a step further on this bed of eggshells and congratulations, you just pressed Carl's "Berserk Button"! Yes, despite the fact that Nirvana is not driving him crazy, Carl still is a little kooky, violently outbursting whenever he feels his relationship with Nirvana or the doll herself is in danger. In other words, it makes him "snap", briefly losing all morale. Whether or not this is because Nirvana heightens her master's intent to kill at times or because he originally had "a screw loose or two" is still not entirely clear yet though.


Being one of a very two-sided tag team, the young male's most important and obvious weapon is the Nox Nyctores: Deus ex Machina Nirvana. To go over her lightly, she's a large mechanical marionette/puppet/doll, and definitely the most mobile of any of the Nox Nyctores, capable of moving all of her body parts, in likeness to her humanoid appearance. However, she's slow, moves robotically and is quite clumsy.

Nevertheless, Nirvana is a formidable weapon in battle. She sports long, sharp claws, which protrude out of the ends of the lanky purple columns of metal known as her arms. These are her prime means of attack on the battlefield, able to pierce and pound her enemies with inhuman strength. She can also teleport if she's ever too far from Carl's side.

Carl's second, lesser mentioned weapon is a small shape-shifting brass robot that usually hides inside of his top hat. This is the weapon Carl himself uses to attack and defend during battle. As a limited shape-shifter, it most often assumes the form of various chess-like pieces, such as a pawn, rook or knight. It can also assume the form of a lone flag, spear, or mechanical horse. Carl appears to have great illusionary control over this small robot, as it readily appears behind differing locations on his body seemingly without explanation.


Carl and Nirvana's true terror is unleashed only when they synchronize their attacks with one another, in a complex, tactical mind game of teamwork, an ability that Carl has grown quite comfortable with over the years. This is his key competitive attribute which makes him a force to be reckoned with just as much as the rest.

Nirvana is definitely the strength of this duo, her abilities lying in her brute force and defense. Contrastingly, she's severely lacking in speed, evasiveness and stamina. Breaking down regularly, the Nox Nyctores must replenish her energy completely before being able to reactivate, which leaves Carl stranded and vulnerable. This, however, could also be viewed as a defensive edge of sorts, since it essentially means that she can't be truly stopped easily, at least during a typical sparring match.

Compensating for the weaknesses of his companion, Carl's strengths lie in the exact opposite areas, relying instead on speed and evasiveness to fight effectively. Basically, he holds, and Nirvana punches. He "holds" with weaker but still damaging attacks, and Nirvana "punches" with a much stronger, single blow. Then he "holds" again.. and Nirvana "punches" again.. and the 'game' goes on and on for as long as each can muster.

Aside from that, the boy is a first-class vigilanté, which is, once again, impressive for his age to say the least. He is also one of the few that has the ability to understand Nirvana's telepathic dialogue, along with Valkenhayn and probably Relius.


Despite being only a boy, Carl has already been given a very rough start in life. To begin with, his father Relius Clover didn't keep him to raise as his own (which was probably for the best.. lol). Instead, Carl's big sister Ada acted as his parental figure, treating him as her ward. He, as stated before, was shown to be very prodigious, joining the NOL's military academy before he was even an adolescent. However, this was too good to last as well, mysteriously dropping out before he could graduate. This is inferrably because something devastating happened to the boy at that time, something that compelled him to abandon all other matters. What could be better fit into that jigsaw puzzle than his sole guardian being suddenly snatched away and experimented upon by his own father? Either way, it's certain that Relius did do something to Ada that would change Carl's life forever.

Indeed, Relius used his own daughter to try to bring the Nox Nyctores Nirvana to life. Furthermore, it's been rumored that before he could complete her, he mysteriously disappeared, leaving Carl to finish the job himself. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, it must have been a traumatic experience for the boy to say the least.. that fact would only make it even more so.

Naturally, this caused the young boy to be very possessive and protective of Nirvana, and still retains his strong bond with her, despite her drastic change in appearance, and despite the uncertainty of whether or not the robot actually remembers being Ada. He vowed to somehow undo what his father had done, though, despite how seemingly impossible this is, and strives to find the Azure Grimoire, probably believing it to be the one object that just might be powerful enough to accomplish such a thing. In order to even stand a chance of fulfilling such an endeavor, he found a way to battle efficiently with Nirvana and became a successful vigilanté.

He is also in pursuit of his father, holding a deep and irredeemable grudge on him for what he did to his sister. It can be assumed that he wants to find him for vengeful purposes, or perhaps in the dim hopes that Relius himself may be able to change Ada back into a human.

RP sample:

(These are from a little mock RP my twin (who RPed Nirvana) and I did for example, it's supposed to take place in "Circus")

Creeeeeeeek.... BLAM.

The heavy iron doors opened with more than a little strain, finally giving way with a sound so piercing that it easily ricocheted off of every available wall space in the now-abandoned stadium. Ironically enough, that door was actually just a bit ajar - a space through which the young vigilante known as Carl peered through, a bit apprehensively.

"Okay.. it's clear, Sis. It's safe to go inside," He said rather quietly, slipping in through the threshold before the mechanical doll.

(A later post in same scenario)

More than familiar with his companion's slow, slumpy disposition, he waited for her to rejoin him at his side before continuing onward, with the patience of a saint.

"Are you, Sis? Oh no..," Carl asked, a concern permeating his voice as well as his face, "Here Ada, rest on one of the seats.. I'll do your work for today, okay?"

With that, he grabbed her long, steel arm, expecting to lead her to the first row of the vast stadium seating, all eerily unoccupied in these afterhours of the carnival. It was a sight he and his companion were all too familiar with, and he actually preferred the utter and complete silence, where the slightest noise glimmered in the air for a second or two.


Alllrighty.. well, that took forever, LOL. If you guys need further roleplaying examples I'd be happy to provide them. Thanks for considering me : )

PS: If I am accepted, I have a twin sister who is willing to RP Nirvana with me as well, she'd submit a seperate application for her.


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Re: Carl Clover

Post by Webmaster on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:57 am

Its fine for me the way it is. The forum slowed down a bit recently, but its picking up speed again, so you joining might change that to a welcome kind of way. Your sister is free to join too.

Approval from me.

Approvals: 1

Disapprovals: 0


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Re: Carl Clover

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:00 am

This is a truly excellent application. Everything is well detailed and your love for the character really shines through. As much as I hate to admit it, this is probably better than my own applications. I offer you my full approval and welcome you to the site. Your twin is more than welcome to join as play Nirvana if they like or if you prefer you can control her. Regardless of your decision there's only one other thing that needs to be said here...


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Re: Carl Clover

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:44 pm

LOL.. *blush* well I'm seriously flattered. That means a lot coming from such an awesome RPer like you Hakumen, thanks you guys XD


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Re: Carl Clover

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:50 am

This Application is excellent, and I will definitely give it my approval. The only thing I dislike about it is tha I wish you would have taken the "ifs" in the profile and made them definite facts, deciding either way.

Regardless, I most certainly approve.

Apps: 3

Diss: Nil.


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Re: Carl Clover

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:11 am

With a Staff majority it's official, welcome to the forum Carl.

Locked, and moved.
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Re: Carl Clover

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