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Hakumen of the Six Heroes

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Hakumen of the Six Heroes

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:18 pm

Name: Hakumen aka The White Void aka the Just Sword

Gender: Male

Age: Technically 37 not counting the 90 years spent in the Boundary. Due to his armor he has become essentially ageless.

Race: Formerly human, now a cyborg permenantly bonded to his Susanoo armor.

Appearance: Standing six feet, ten inches Hakumen is a tower of stark white armor. Wearing a black body suit and traditional samurai hakama which balloon slightly where they reach his boots. He wears white boots with two toe-like prongs and black soles. The boots (like every piece of his armor have crimson eye designs on them). A small white breast plate covers his abdominal region and extends downward to cover his back, sides, and thighs. He wears heavy white pauldrons shaped vaguely like a dragon with red eyes. White armor paneling extends down the outer edge of his arms ending in large vambraces. His hands have small claw-like nails. Hakumen also wears a faceless, mirrored helmet with two horns angled forward and a long, light blue ponytail extending out the back and reaching to his knees.

Loyalty: Loyal only to himself and his quest for justice. However as the wearer of the Sussano armor he is bound to serve the Amateratsu Unit. Hakumen has also recently sworn his allegience to Rachel in return for freeing him from his imprisonment after his battle with Ragna however he truly dislikes her.

Personality: Hakumen is cold and unfeeling, stopping at nothing is his obsessive quest for justice. He can best be described as an avenging angel, loyal to a higher power and ruthless in his eradication of those inpure in his eyes. Despite his brutal nature, he is bound by a strict, samurai-like code of honor in all his decisions. Thus far there does not seem to be anyone he actually enjoys being around.

Weaponry: Nox Nyctores named "Ookami" a massive odachi capable of slaying seemingly immortal entities ans slicing through the elements themselves.

Abilities: Hakumen is granted incredible strength, speed, almost limitless energy from his Susano-o armor. Along with that his swordsmanship is exceptional. He stands as one of the most powerful entities on the planet to the point where most warriors completely avoid conflict with him. Due to the manner in which he was returned to the real world, he is currently operating at roughly 20% efficiency. That being said, the longer he remains in this world the more of his power he gains access to, making it only a matter of time before he regains his full strength.

Special Techniques - Hakumen is the master of several powerful sword techniques usable only through a combination of his Ookami Nox Nyctores Ookami and his Susano-o armor. The most powerful of these techniques is called Retribution: Perish All Evil, it involves creating a shield of pure seithr the moment before an opponent's attack makes contact and then immediately countering with a blinding 40 strikes with Ookami. The destructive power of this attack is devastating but in his weakened state, Hakumen can only use it once in a battle.

He was the legendary "White Knight" who appeared during the First War of Magic, and lead a band of Six Heroes (including himself) that ultimately defeated the Black Beast. Afterwards, Hakumen warned the people to "change their evil ways". Reportedly, the people were either insulted, or didn't understand why he was chastising them. Either way, they locked him away in a place called "The Edge" of The Boundary for roughly 90 years. Through the efforts of Kokonoe he was finally releases and partially bound to her will in an effort to estroy Hazama. Hakumen tolerates this state of affairs as he waits for his full power to restore themselves and he regains his freedom. Hakumen's true identity is actually Jin Kisaragi who was thrown into the past after falling into the Cauldron in one of the many timeloops plagueing the BlazBlue world. Arriving in the past heavily injured, Jin was placed in the Susano-o armor by Rachel Alucard with the promise of becoming a true hero.

RP sample:

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Re: Hakumen of the Six Heroes

Post by Webmaster on Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:24 pm

Approved. I can safely say this is the best we have so far.


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