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Continuum Shift OST

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Continuum Shift OST

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:31 pm

I can snag the mp4s from Youtube, because it isn't out yet. The only tracks I have done now are the two below.
As there are no names for these songs yet, I'm making up my own! And I need your help too~ And links as well... ;n; I'd like to keep the quality consistent. I will also add all the Character Themes from this game... No recycling anything! Huzzah! Just good 'ol Continuum Shift music.
So, I need your help! If you got some CS OSTs out, I'll convert them and once it's done I'll upload the ZIP somewhere and you can ask me where to get it. If you have better names, please tell me... ;w; "The Power of An Observer ~Story Mode~"!v=5s-bOfH1AVc&feature=related "In a Cinch! ~Story Mode~"
[last update of what I have: 8/10/10]



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