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Fanfic: <no name yet> Ragna x Gag-Nu

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Fanfic: <no name yet> Ragna x Gag-Nu

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:11 pm

Ragna the Bloodedge walked across town once again, minding his own buisness, still wondering how it was possible that so little people even reconized a tall guy with silver hair wearing a red jacket and huge sword or were simply not interested in a huge bounty.

Well, if thats the way they want it, who am i to judge about it? Works for me, thats for sure.

Orient town was a quiet place in Kagutsuchi, peaceful, yet lively and yet quiet. Mysterious beyond belief.
Whenever he was in Town, this was his favorite place to be. Sure, Taokaka often dropped by and demanded food, but that wasn`t so bad. She was annoying, but in a good way. Not even close to being as annoying as HER.
Ragna shuddered. Yes, his brother was annoying, Tao was annoying, even Noel was annoying as hell, but this girl just skyrocketed off the chart whenever he came across her. Thankfully, this wouldn`t happen anymore.....

"Like, Hi, Ragna!"

Oh dear god, what have i ever done to you?

Ragna froze in his tracks and slowly, slowly turned around to see an all too familliar face, a little girl in a tight suit and a loose coat wearing an eyepatch and ridiculously long hair.

"What the hell.... What the HELL! I thought you were dead! Twice!" he groaned, obviously not in the mood for Nu`s antics which were ususally related to mass murderer and sadisim.

"Like, whats the big deal, Ragna? Nu just came to visit.. After Nu`s been spending so much time rebuilding in the Cauldron, Ragna is all unfriendly to her and some junk!" The little girl`s sunken-in eye slightly closed up in sadness.

"..... you... came to visit? Wha.. why the hell would you visit me in wide open spaces?" Ragna would never understand women, but this was a special case.

"Because Ragna doesn`t go into enclosed spaces often, silly!" Nu smiled a bit, seeing how his hostility ceased a bit. "Like, duh!"

Well, thats true i guess.. the less people you have around you, the easier someone spots you out... which would be very easy to begin with, but for some reason people can`t handle it.

Ragna groaned a bit, rolling his eyes. "Listen, Nu.... uh, Version 3.0 or something..."

"Nu is just Nu, Ragna!"

"Yeah, whatever. You see, i was just here to get something to eat, and then go to somewhere else because the more time i spend in one place, the easier some bullshit vigilante or something drops by. Sooo.. I`m not here on a field trip, which is why your visit is kind of-"

Before Ragna could finish, Nu already smiled sweetly.

"Then Nu could like, come along and some junk!"


The short time he spent travelling with Tao was already bad. The time he travelled with Noel was even worse. Now a mentally unstable kid with an unhealthly obsession with him that could either rape or murder him at any given time... thats a whole new kind of evil.

"Nu, i.. i don`t think that you should come along, i mean, its not very safe for children to travel with someone like me, and..."

Once again Nu interrupted him, but as like in a case of bipolar behavior, she started to sniffle and whimper.

"You don`t like Nu anymore, do you? You hate her, don`t you?"

Well, gee, isn`t that obvious. "No, no, i`m just.. Puh-lease don`t cry now! DONT CRY! For gods sake! ...Ugh. Okay, fine... fine, come along if you want... i guess someone like you knows how to handle herself.."

Nu`s face brightened again. "Really? Oh, thank you, Ragna! Nu loves you! Nu loves you lots and lots and some junk!"

"Yeah, whatever. Lets just go."

Chapter 1: Orient Town Restaurant

The chinese restaurant in the middle of Orient town... Ragna`s favorite place to be.
It was quiet, peaceful, just like the rest of the town, but what was the best about it was the waitress, who apperantly had short time memory loss. He ran off without paying for the meal once, he had avoided capture three times, destroyed the interior twice over... and yet she served him food with a smile.
Today was different though.. today, the quiet part was gone.

"Oooooh! Ragna, look... there are like, fishes in that pond and some junk! Nu likes that!"
Nu was close to jumping into the koi pond, but Ragna dragged her along on her braid.

"Stay close until you had diving lessons. Now, do you cyborgs even eat and all that...?"

Nu nodded, smileing despite the rude act Ragna had done by pulling her hair like that.
"Oh, yes! Nu likes eating food! Its like, a heavenly pleasure, you know!"

Well at least thats something we have in common... but this is still a forced kind of date.

"....Uhuh. Now then..." Ragna sat down at a table near the middle of the restaurant, trying to blend into the crowd and avoiding nosey looks from outside. "..what do ya wanna eat, you swordhaired oddball?"

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm~" Nu looked at the menus, studying them throughly for a good five minutes, then handing it to Ragna. "Nu can`t read and all that. Nu will just eat what Ragna likes to eat."

Grumbleing, a sweatdrop appeared on his forehead as Ragna realized what a horrible idea this whole thing was. "Rrright..."

Well, lets see here.. i can`t order a peking duck, those things can be lethal projectiles.. i barely survived the Kagutsuchi puffer fish, the Azure Seafood Special outta give her bad, bad ideas... and the kids menu probably would insult her... damnit, what do i do... Ah, thats it... the plate of seven wonders... i ordered five of those for this Sena bastard back then..

"Allright then! Waitress, I`m gonna take one number 32, a soda for me and.. something without sugar for my 'friend' here..."

Nu looked suprised. "Like, why no sugar for Nu?"

Ragna grumbled in response. "Because god knows you`re hyperactive enough as you are, little fellow. Its free for you, stop complaining."

Like always, it didn`t take long for the meal to be served as since it was kind of a fast-food fashioned restaurant, and Nu dived right into it as if she never ate anything before. The first dish was soon empty and so was the second, third, fourth... out of seven, they made it to the sixth before Nu was anywhere near full, and Ragna at least satisfied his general appetite. At least the soda helped him there, drinking it filled him up just for a short time, but as soon as he`d be hungry again Nu was probably already gone.

Speaking of her, she`s really quiet when she`s eating. Thats a good sign, i think.

"Mhh, Ragna! That was like, delicious! And this sugar free stuff was tastey too!"

Ragna forced himself into a smile. "Glad you liked it... now, uhm, Nu..could you do me a favor..?"

The little girl looked at the man with a blank expression. "...what?"

"Could you just... i dunno, hold your stomatch and squeal and all that and pretend to be sick from the food..?"

Nu blinked, then smiled brightly. "Okay! Nu can do that!" She started immidiantly after saying that, gripping her stomatch in visible argony. "GWAHAA! Aahh.. Aaahh!!" She fell off the chair and twisted on the ground. "GHAAAAHA! That hurrrrrrttts! Ragnaaa!"

Ragna twitched. "Don`t say my name so loud, damn you!"

The waitress appeared on the scene, tapping her chin as she heard the name. "Oooooh! You be Ragna the Bloodedge, yes! You come here often, yes! Ragna the pedophile! Me remembers!"

Nu looked up with a twisted face. "He`s not... he`s no pedophile.. Nu loves him! She loves him lots and lots! Nu wants to make new Prime Field Unit`s with Ragna all by herself!"

Ragna`s face fell apart even more. " want to WHAT?"

The waitress cared little for that.

"Somebody! This is Ragna the Pedoedge! Someone call the Liberary!"

"Ooh, fuck."

"And some junk. :3"

Ragna grabbed Nu`s hand, pulling her onto his back, then dashed to the exit, but was blocked by Iron Tager, who just entered the restaurant.. and god knows there was no way around him.
Changeing his plans, he jumped over one of the used tables and crashed through the window to get outside.. a convient peking duck fell off the table and near Tagers feet, causeing him to slip and create a more than suitable distraction for Ragna and Nu to escape.


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