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Takamagahara (wip)

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Takamagahara (wip)

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:55 pm

**Most of this is speculation**

Name: Takamagahara.

Gender: Genderless, according to the shadows. One sounds female, two sound male.

Age: As old as time itself...

Race: Machines (or so I read)


They are simply shadows that appear when there are chairs. Invisible, so there's really no way to describe them. Each of have very attractive figures (looking at the shadows). They are also tall, and thin. The three Takama-gahara are also bald with narrow faces. The chairs that they sit on are nice looking and a nice shade of white. There is a diamond shaped hole in the middle of each chair, and it is as tall as a throne, probably.

No one is very sure what the Takama-gahara look like. Pretty much, everything about them is just speculation. To me, they're three very human-like machines, robots, made by humans. Each of them are very good looking (judging their bodies) that are the same height, same weight, same just about everything except for their assets that they have, respectively by gender. (...You know what I mean. I'm trying to be formal here.)

Loyalty: Themselves, possibly the world.

Personality: (One paragraph at the least.)

The Takama-gahara are beings that have very polite personalities, using terms like 'negative'.

Weaponry: None.

Abilities: (No godmodding. Period.)

Their abilities consist of being able to observing everything at an extreme length. To the nitty gritty computer numbers. They are very smart, since they're computers who analyze the world.

History: (Two paragraphs at the least.)

RP sample: (Here you show us how you can rp. An alternative option is to spar someone in an out of RP fight on this site and post the link to it here.)


...Actually, I might app for a Murakamo Unit once I get a design going. 9w9;;; But I'll try to work on this if I get more information/ideas/if I beat the epileptic tree, because I want this to be good.. Horray for changing my mind all the damn time! /scurries off to work on another app 9w9;;

Edited. Puh-lease replace the things in (text) with the actual text you wrote. It looks much less confuseing.- Lambda


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