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Gamma (ɣ-3) (wip)

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Gamma (ɣ-3) (wip)

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:27 pm

Name: Gamma-3

Gender: female

Age: 21

Race: Murakumo-Unit

Appearance: Gamma height is 1,53 meters and she weighs 42 kg. Her hair-style is a short bob-cut with a silver hair-color. Her eye-color depends on her frame of mind.
She dont really have a kind of "battle-form" because she is unable to switch between a normal and a battle form. Thats why she's wearing the armour all the time.

Her armour is based on the standard Murakumo-design, but there are some specialities:
- Her armour is almost in dark colors. Especially the traditionall white are black with a mirror-like surface.
- Even when she wearing an eyepatch, she dont need a visor (like Nu or Lambda do). She got a kind of a breathing protection instead.
- Her eyepatch have no functions, so is quite useless. She dont really need it, but she wears it for some reasons.
- Unlike the other Murakumo-units, the surface of every blade on her legs and her arms are enhanced with phantom blades.
- The typical 8 blades on the back of every Murakumo-unit are gone. She only equip a round phantom blade instead.

Loyalty: Kurotaoko, other Murakumo-Units

Weight: 42 kg

Birthday: December 06

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: listening to everything, sleeping, imitating anything else

Likes: the Cauldron, Murakumo-Units

Dislikes: loud noise, Take-Mikazuchi-Unit

Personality: Gamma is a shy, silent and (sometimes) sleepy person. The most time of her life she is waiting in the ruins of the Cauldron of the 3rd hierarchial city. During this time she had no contact to anything. As the time goes by, she become a more and more introverted and shy person, the missing contact to the world outside let her lose her ability to fight and sometimes a bit lazy.
The reason of her silent personality is a very weakend version of the weapon-system of Take-Mikazuchi, which is integrated in the mouth of Gamma. She is unable to control it, only when she would open her mouth for a short time, it would be a high risk. To keep it under control, she must wearing a breathing protection. Her breathing protection absorbs the released energy and deflect it back to Gamma. Every word hurts her, so to communicate with other people, she can say only a few words (which takes a little longer) or by whispering longer sentences.
She act like a machine but also like a little girl at the same moment. The difference to Nu-13 is, that she dont switch her personality when she have contact with any specific persons.
Over time, she develop an interest in imitating things and listening to the silent frequencies of the destroyed gate. Even when no one can perceive it, for Gamma is it like an endless beautifull melody which comes from the depths of the boundary. While waiting in the ruins, she started to thought about what happened and why. Why does she exist and whats the purpose of her programm?
(to be continued...)

Backstory: Unlike Nu/Lambda and Noel, Gamma is no clone of Ragna's sister Saya. Gamma is the 3rd clone of a young girl named "Aki". Gamma-3 was the first try of creating the powerfull "Amaterasu-Unit". The plan was to combining the Murakumo- and the Take-Mikazuchi-Unit. The problem was that the parts from both units dont work together, so the experiment was a failure. Then, NOL ordered to disassemble Gamma-3 to built a second Take-Mikazuchi-Unit. Meanwhile, Gamma developed a kind of personality which wasnt intended. She began to disobey orders and refuse the dismantlement.
The report of Gammas "malfunction" forced the NOL to send soldiers to the laboratory to kill and disassemble Gamma. During the infiltration-process the alarm was set off unintentionally. The loud howl of the siren hurt Gamma so much, that she cant controlled herself and destroyed the 3rd hierarchical city.
Even since, Gamma is waiting for a long time in the ruins of Amaterasu's laboratory, until the destruction of Ikaruga by Take-Mikazuchi and the attack on Kagutsuchi gives her a new objective... or better: someone came and awakened her after a long time... .

Weaponry: A round phantom blade on her back. Additional phantom blades on her legs and arms and a phantom double saber.

Abilities: (wip)

RP sample: (wip)

picture, click here

Any improvement suggestion are wished ^^

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Re: Gamma (ɣ-3) (wip)

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:28 am

I was wondering when you´d show up. lol


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Re: Gamma (ɣ-3) (wip)

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:07 pm

Your artwork is really impressive! A thumbs up on your application, too. Good luck : )


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Re: Gamma (ɣ-3) (wip)

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