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Alpha 1 Repost

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Alpha 1 Repost

Post by Webmaster on Tue May 31, 2011 7:30 pm

Name: Alpha-1 „Project Anti-Sankishin“ „Stage 1 Prototype Anti-Sankishin“ „Project Murakumo“

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years

Race: Murakumo Unit

Appearance: Alpha was made with the traditional cloneing technique as it had been practiced for more than two hundred years, and is thus a perfect clone of Saya as she was back then. Standing at 155 cm and weighting 45 kilogramms, her measurements are 64cm bust, 45cm waist and 70 cm hips.
Long blonde hair which almost reaches to the ground hangs from her head, dyed black for the matter of telling her apart when in armor. Her green eyes are actually fake and are cybotronic cameras, delivering a more precise and sharpened eyesight than any human eye could ever archive.
Her C-cup breasts are modelled after Nu, who Alpha looks up to, much to Kokonoe´s dismay. <--- Like this, but with green eyes.

Her bodysuit and gloves are all white, representing the Sector Seven colorscheme. Azure and red colors are added by her Murakumo as soon as she puts it on.

Loyalty: Sector Seven, devoted and loyal to Kokonoe.

Personality: Being one with the system, Alpha nearly doesn`t have a personality. But in general, it can be described as very close to Hakumen. She is loyal to her creator, restless until her mission is accomplished, seeks for the justice but not above the mission parameters and will carry out the orders dot per dot unless its specified that she can act on her own. Alpha doesn`t talk much, and if it is, its mostly cryptic and senseful. Some idioms are made up as she goes, some are ancient knowledge she got from the lot of spare time she has. Her hobbies are reading books and modelmakeing, especially recreateing the Dark War. She is secretly in love with Kokonoe, although denies it to herself and wants to keep it the way it is.
Being a Murakumo, her personality changes when she´s in her armor, but not by a whole lot as since she barely talks to begin with. She`s the oldest Murakumo, and behaves like it. She also keeps a diary under her bed where she regulary makes entires into.

Weaponry: Her Murakumo is called the Sword of Terakama, and although its outer apperance doesn´t differ much from the others, its abilities are deviateing from its original state.
The design is pretty much the same as the rest, swords for legs, eight swords floating behind the user, retractable swords on the arms, a solid chest harness and a headplate with off-planetary two-way radio and 3D infrared visor providing a tactical HUD.
With that being said, the major difference is the weaponary on this version. Instead of one large blade, two smaller blades tilted sideways are mounted, accompliced by a single wrist mounted cannon capable of fireing hot plasma.
Two larger versions of this cannon are mounted on each swordleg, makeing kicks more effective and giving an extra boost when jumping. Finally, the flying swords are double edged, something unique across the Murakumo kaste.

Abilities: The chest harness and floating blades have build in electromagnets that can power up at will, resulting in a more effective block when the reversed magnetic force pushes the blade back to its owner.
The sword legs include the newest Vernier Mark-3 engines, capable of delivering a more constant stream of power over a long distance. Instead of being powered by an imitation Azure Grimoire or a seithr-based generator, the Sword of Terakama is useing a prototype device inspired by Hakumen`s power source, although its output is drastically lower, it can keep the user alive even in the worst scenarios.
Like with Nu, her armor is regenerateing when damaged, same as her body, useing nanites.


Triumph: Doing the scissor kick of the other models, Alpha`s engines kick into gear and push the opponent backwards, ripping her swordlegs through or across his body for multiple hits. Can be accompliced with a kick to make things directional.

Special moves:

Still Alive: If Alpha is knocked to the ground, she catches the opponent with her legs, throwing him up and into a barrage of swords thats waiting for him at the ground as soon as gravity catches up with him.

Thirty Paces: Alpha charges up briefly, then soars through the air, her eight swords aimed towards the enemy as she rams them into him all at once from thirty feet away.

Distortion drives:

Power of the thirteen: Alpha delivers a punch with thirteen times the power and speed of her own, thrusting through the opponents body in a violent way.

Astral Finish:

Scientific Sanctuary:
Alpha´s swords stab the enemy all in the same spot, then tear out of the flesh in a violent manner before the nanite-based floor of Sector Seven devours its mortal remains. Can only be used inside the Sector Seven bunker.

History: As the Murakumo programm started, Alpha was the first of the thirteen girls that were given birth from this. She, as the only member of it, was actually born through the traditional method of cloneing, being placed inside a false mother`s womb and born. Afterwards, serveral drugs in order to acclerate her growing process were made and Alpha went from a toddler to full size in less than three months.
A month later, her „initiation“ begun, but was delayed as since the first Cauldron was acting up after spitting out the oblivious Arakune from the first test run.
The process went rather smoothly, but Alpha had to be pulled out early as since the bubble that kept her safe from the seithr was collapseing on her. After a fixture, the process was repeated, but the result remained unsatisfactory.
Alpha was assigned to guard the facility as the second Cauldron was built in Ikaruga, but eventually „deactivated“ due to the science personal giving up the lab.
Tager brought her back to Kokonoe after investigateing the sudden aborture, which caused a few fragile and unethical changes in Alphas biological structure...

Alpha is now the mainframe defense, linked into every little system of the facility and posessing every security protocoll, password and data to effectively counteract an attack. Along with her own asrenal, she can remotely activate turrets, close doors, lay traps and guide the enemies into a dead end without even moveing.
In the end however, she remains as the only Murakumo unit unable to travel distances through the Boundary without the use of an Ars, even though she is a fighter not to be underestimated.
Alpha`s Theme song: 4000 degrees Kelvin.

RP sample: (Here you show us how you can rp. An alternative option is to spar someone in an out of RP fight on this site and post the link to it here.)


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Re: Alpha 1 Repost

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Tue May 31, 2011 8:17 pm


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Re: Alpha 1 Repost

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:07 am

*Pushes glasses up*

You are approved. Welcome back, Alpha.


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Re: Alpha 1 Repost

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