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Jeanne Talbot

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Jeanne Talbot

Post by Jeanne on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:34 pm

Jeanette Talbot (Jeanne for short)


50, give or take a few years


Jeanne stands exactly six feet in height and weighs a healthy 160 pounds. Her skin is rather pale as befitting her race and is further accented by her waist long brunette hair and bright blue eyes. Her face is well proportioned with a pointed nose and delicate chin along unpronounced cheek bones and a high forehead. Overall her form is rather shapely, bearing an hour glass figure with an ample bust. She appears to be a healthy young woman who regularly engages in vigorous exercise but by no means appears to be a soldier. Her standard outfit is quite simple, consisting of a red long sleeved dress shirt, plain black slacks which hug her hips seductively, and ankle high black boots with a slightly raised heel.

The Novus Orbis Liberium

Jeanne is, in simple terms, merciless instinct incarnate. On the exterior she appears quite nonchalant and laid back on day to day matters, taking set backs in stride and giving credit where it is due even to her enemies. However, below the surface is a deep black rage constantly swirling, looking for a chance to lash out without warning or restraint. Talbot is, in part, a slave to her instincts. She never strove to master her bestial side as her elders have and instead tries to use her simmering animal fury and short temper to her advantage. While not always successful, it has proven effective enough to give Jeanne a powerful confidence bordering on arrogance.

Talbot does not rely on conventional weapons or even ars magus in combat. Instead she utilizes her own body as a devastating weapon. She keeps her fingernails long and sharpened into powerful claws which due to her ancestry, are as strong and sharp as diamond. Should the situation call for it, she is not afraid to use her fangs either.

As with all lycans, Jeanne enjoys speed, strength, and reaction time well above the human average along with a highly reduced sense of pain. While her ancestor Valkenhayn R Hellsing stands as the pinnacle of lycan speed and agility, Jeanne has focused herself on another aspect, raw power. Neglecting some of her lycan agility, Talbot has instead worked arduously to build up her supernatural strength to its’ fullest potential allowing her to shatter stone and warp metal with her bare hands or slice through it entirely with her claws. Because of this, her overall fighting style is somewhat comparable to a brawler as opposed to the skillful kicking techniques of her ancestor. Despite that she does not lack grace when necessary and can match skilled martial artists in combat on a regular basis. Though her power may be unmatched among the vast majority of her race, Jeanne does find herself struggling to keep pace with swifter combatants, preferring to finish battles as soon as possible. Lastly, as with all werewolves, Jeanne can seamlessly transform into a large black wolf with crimson highlights along the shoulder blades which allows for swifter movement and access to her powerful fangs but at the cost of several defensive options. Outside of direct combat, as a lycan, Jeanne is extremely long lived and thus capable of living for centuries without losing strength or stamina. This is achieved through a minor regenerative ability which allows serious wounds to heal far quicker than a normal human. Broken bones can be mended in the course of a day and vicious cuts can completely close in a matter of hours.

It should be noted that while a full moon does not have the same influence over Jeanne as it does to the less members of her race, it does effect her. During full moon nights, Jeanne's baser instincts are set free and she becomes motivated by little more than animalistic pleasure and blood lust. Though she loses the ability to shift between human and wolf forms, her speed, durability, and strength receive massive boosts as long as the moon is full, giving her skin strength comparable to softer metals. In this state her physical appearance changes as well. Her clothing shifts to a revealing outfit who's top consists of nothing more than a wide belt covering her chest and grey sleeves with a fire trim and metal cuffs. Around her neck is a red dog collar with a brass ring and on her lower body is a pair of skin tight black trousers with a matching flame design. It should be noted that her hands and feet take on a much more wolfen shape in this form as a nod to her increased rabid nature.

Jeanne Talbot was born into minor nobility as a descendent of the great Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, widely considered the most powerful werewolf alive as well as the oldest of their kind. Even from childhood, Jeanne could tell that she would never agree with the outlooks of her family and their traditions. In her mind, they were slaves to custom and foolishly followed the illustrious Alucard clan with undeserved devotion. They were blind aristocrats unable to see the real world past their gardens and gates. Despite that, she continued to play the part of the obedient heiress, smiling and acting while secretly roaring in pure rage and hatred of her kin.

Finally, when she came to relative maturity, she struck back against the social order and butchered her father and mother in the middle of a family gather, one which Valkenhayn himself thankfully did not attend. As she casually licked their warm blood from her fingernails, her relatives looked on in fear and bewilderment. Not one stepped forth to challenge her nor confront her in any way as she left their family home for the last time. From that day onward she swore she would have nothing to do with her family and their outdated traditions. If the opportunity arose, she would even strike down her forefather himself.

With that smoldering hatred of her own kind in mind, the most logical place to align herself was undoubtedly the NOL, an entity which she knew the Alucard family was strongly opposed to. While their beliefs and goals were of little concern to her, Jeanne did join nonetheless if for no reason other than to have a stable home once more. Never bothering to hide her true nature from the Library, she was eventually accepted due to her formidable combat abilities alone.


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Re: Jeanne Talbot

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:37 pm


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Re: Jeanne Talbot

Post by Tron on Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:23 pm

Hm.......well, it does sound kinda powerful if she was able to butcher her parents if you think about that werewolf are a very strong race, but it's imaginable. But we need some NOL evildoers, so I think I'm okay with it.

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Re: Jeanne Talbot

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:51 pm

I'm not a fan of crossovers but seeing as we need NOL badly I'll go with it.

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Re: Jeanne Talbot

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