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Laboratory #114

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Laboratory #114 Empty Laboratory #114

Post by Johnny D. Flash on Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:46 pm

After some walk through Sector 7's all-metallic-gray alleys and corridors, Johnny D. Flash found the laboratories. This definitely wasn't the most hidden depth of the place, but it nevertheless was a laboratory section, and the scientist-turned-robot couldn't care less about the size, or how ludicrously advanced the technology he could use was; the one thing he cared about is whether or not it was sufficient to run bio-mechanic analyses and study some results.
When entering, he questioned his own motives for running analyses on a poor girl who probably didn't desire anything like this. But wondering wouldn't bring him anywhere, so he just entered the room and examined the tools at his disposition, after all, his wish wasn't to torture Eta, just to add the aspects of her functioning down to their deepest secrets to his knowledge.

When inspecting the room by just roaming around in, he left first words to Eta: "We'll have to stay here for a while... Apparently, the leader here, Kokonoe, seems to be extremely busy, so I think the information about that person named Relius Clover will take its time to come." Those words were pretty flat as those didn't affect him personally, but those were still said with some hints of compassion: even as a robot-like being, he still knew that it was detrimental to Eta, and hindering her information wasn't in his interest...

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Laboratory #114 Empty Re: Laboratory #114

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:54 pm

Eta had followed Johnny into the more and more austere-looking places, until she entered one of the many labs of Sector Seven. Fortunately, noone was using it at the moment. Johnny had examined the place to make it his for the moment, but Eta herself had already seen the examination table and laid down on it, be it only to rest for a while.

"I guess I have no choice but to wait then..?" The little redhead knew she was going to be as bored as can be, but it was better to be safe here than in danger inside the NOL Headquarters.


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