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Valkenhyme Hellsing (WIP)

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Valkenhyme Hellsing (WIP)

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:51 pm

Name: Valkenhan Hellsing

Gender: Male

Age: 150

Race: Werewolf


Loyalty: The Six Heroes / The Alucard Family

Personality: Valkenhayn is a composed man of high standards. He worries about rachel associating herself with people below her class, Ragna for example. He possesses a sharp mind and an extense amount of knowledge about combat. He likes pocket watches and planting bonzai trees. He dislikes any object without character.

Weaponry: he uses hand to hand combat.

Abilities: (No godmodding. Period.)

History: (Two paragraphs at the least.)

RP sample: (Here you show us how you can rp. An alternative option is to spar someone in an out of RP fight on this site and post the link to it here.)


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