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Murakumo Units still in service

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Murakumo Units still in service

Post by Webmaster on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:10 pm

Alright, so, this topic is basically to supervise the super-powerful Murakumo´s as since we`re getting a lot of them and there´s only a limited ammount of them existing thus far.

First, lets do a little math.

There are thirteen Murakumo Units. Five of them are already known to us, Alpha, Delta, Lambda, Mu and Nu. Three of them are supposedly destroyed by Ragna, which makes eight. Four of the Murakumo bodies were stolen by Sector Seven, inactive ones, three of which were revived, Delta,Alpha and Lambda. Substract one, which makes nine. So, four active Murakumos are still there, one of them is currently in cold statis at Sector Seven.

Murakumos taken: 5 (Well, 4 if you count Nu out.)

Murakumos up for grabs: 4 (8 counting dead Murakumos)


Bold means it can be applied for.
Crossed out means its dead.
The links link to the character sheets of the taken and active characters. Not this one though, this is a trap.

NOTE: Thanks to the super duper advanced technology of this decade, the dead Murakumos aren´t necessaryly off limits, you just have to give us a plausible explaination of why they are alive. The taken ones however are reserved for thier players. If you want to play them so bad, talk to the player via PM or chatbox.

No: 1 Alpha
No: 2 Beta
No: 3 Gamma
No: 4 Delta
No: 5 Epsilon
No: 6 Zeta
No: 7 Eta
No: 8 Theta
No: 9 Iota
No:10 Kappa
No:11 Lambda
No:12 Mu
No:13 Nu


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