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Rachel Alucard, Courtesy of Kokonoe

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Rachel Alucard, Courtesy of Kokonoe

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:12 am

Name: Rachel Alucard

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown. Her Birthday is October 31st; Halloween.

Race: Vampire.

Appearance: Rachel, despite her age, appears to be a young girl, no older than thirteen or fourteen. She stands at 4'7" tall and has very long blonde hair which she does up in pig tails with long black ties. Many people have likened these ties to rabbit ears, which she positively detests. THe only one who seems to be able to get away with that is Ragna. HEr eyes are bright red, the colour of fresh blood. She wears a black, gothic lolita style dress that is adorned with red crosses and white ruffled lace, along with a frilly white pettycoat underneath her skirt. Over her dress she wears a tailored coat, which is also decorated with red crosses on the capelet. THe skirt of the dress is adorned with a red and black covering overt the back that is similar to a bat's wing with a cross. She wears a large red bow, similarly to the way one would wear a cravat. On her feet, she wears black boots with very high platforms, adorned with small red ribbons.

She is never seen without her "pets" [read:servants], Nago, a black and white catlike shapeshifting creature, and Gii, who takes the form of a pudgy red batlike creatures. She usually caries Nago around in the form of a large umbrella.

Loyalty: Herself.

Personality: Rachel views the world and all of its inhabitants with a sense of grand superiority. She seems to look down on almost everyone, and is extremely jaded and seemingly disinterested, even bored with everything going on around her. This comes from having lived such a long life.

She was aware of the time loops as they were occurring, and tried to guide people to keep them from repeating their mistakes over and over. However, she was merely an observer, on the sidelines. This contributed to her disdain for the world at large. The fact that she is so powerful also has a lot to do with her sense of superiority.

She also has been seen to be somewhat cruel or even sadistic at times, seen int the way she treats her "pets" Nago and Gii, whom she kicks around sometimes quite literally.

She is well bred, educated, and polite. She can get quite uppity with people when they do not conform to her ideals of how someone should be speaking with her.

She seems to have a fondness for Ragna.

Weaponry: Sometimes she uses Nago's shapeshifting to create weapons out of him, or sometimes she creates weapons from her clothes themselves, including the batwing on her skirt. She can use Gii for a shield, also. However, most commonly for offense she uses her magic.

Abilities: Rachel has extremely powerful magical abilities. She is one of the only people alive who can go head to head with Terumi. She has control over wind and lighting, but can also create portals and also is able to create a realm known as The Requiem, which intersects with her dream world.

Rachel is also on possession of the Sankishin unit Tsukiyomi, which she boasts as "The Ultimate Defense". It was able to block and nullify a blast from the Take-Mikazuchi. It takes the form of a glowing golden shield.

History: Rachel is the newest head of the ancient Alucard family, succeeding her father Clavis Alucard. She lives alone in her castle with her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, and her pets, Nago and Gii. She used to work for the Takamagahara, but solely for her own purposes.

For a long time she has been aware of the time loop for a long time, and has been influencing events for a long time. When Jin lay dying, she saved him and turned him into Hakumen. She also saved Ragna's life when Terumi cut off his arm by turning him into a half vampire, or a Damphir. Now she sits in her castle, waiting; watching. What does she have planned now? We'll se now, wont we?

RP sample:

Her red eyes shifted slowly over to him. "Stop calling me that, Ragna," she said cooly, responding to the Bloodedge calling her "Bunny." She looked off into space idly. "I don't know what caused you to come here, Ragna, and I don't know what it is you want. But I know what I want, and that is tea. VALKENHAYN!" she barked. "Bring me my afternoon tea, please!" She turned back to Ragna, raising a delicately arched brow. "Gii! Get over here!" she demanded, not looking to the bat who zoomed over to her. She simply raised her feet, to which he made himself into a footstool for her. "So. . . Why don't you inform of your reasons for your. . . unexpected little visit?" she asked with some amount of disdain, though it was more of a demand than a question. She sounded bored, as she usually did, and her eyes were half lidded in disinterest. Valkenhayn came with the tea and she lifted the cup and saucer into her lap daintily. "Thank you, Valkenhayn," she said, raising the cup to her lips and sipping from it with her eyes closed. She nodded in appreciation of the tea before looking back to Ragna. "Spit it out, please, Ragna. I don't have all evening."


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