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Jin Kisaragi... once again.

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Jin Kisaragi... once again.

Post by Jin Kisaragi on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:23 pm

Name: Jin Kisaragi
Gender: Male
Age: Around 22
Race: Human
Appearance: Jin is a pretty average man in terms of frame, standing at 178 cm and weighting 63 kg. He has also dashing looks, with his short blond hair, and green eyes, and his slender bodyline as well as his youthful, if sometimes wrathful face.
Jin still wears his NOL Major uniform, which includes a blue vest with golden trim, and red inside. That vest also has very long detached sleeves, still bound to the vest around Jin's shoulders. These "half-sleeves" (those only cover the exterior side of his arms) can be used for attacking since the tips are apparently metallic. He also has blue classy boots with a golden cross design on them, and a metallic grey toe section. Underneath his vest, Jin wears a white Japanese cloth with black lines on it, tied by a black belt just above his hips. Underneath it all, he wears an extremely tight black cloth that covers everything from his neck to his legs.
Loyalty: Himself and Tsubaki. He doesn't really care about anyone else except Ragna, but he's not quite siding with him.
Personality: Jin maintains at almost all times an incredibly cold demeanor. He is always feeling better in his own loneliness, away from social structures and relations in general. Where Ragna is an enemy of the current society Jin's just a bystander with a sort of inability to cope with the rules; being that he considers helping people a waste of time, and killing people in his way a normal thing to do.
However, around two specific persons, this stone cold persona immediately wears off. When close to his brother, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin is noticeably ecstatic, complete with maniacal streaks and hints of madness. Given how Yukianesa's faltering control over him and the Power of Order he possesses both compel him to kill Ragna, this is only normal. And when he's near Tsubaki, a sight to be beheld is that of Jin's only known genuine liking of anyone or anything. Away from his usual cold aura, Jin is actually really nice to her, though this affection is downplayed in public; even when they're far away from each other, Jin actually has great concern about his childhood friend Tsubaki.

Weaponry: Hyouken - Yukianesa / Mucro Algesco - Yukianesa
This Nox Nyctores is an ice-bladed katana, and has the power of controlling water in the atmosphere, mainly by making it freeze.
Though, like all other Nox Nyctores Jin's weapon has an enormous drawback. In Yukianesa's case, it is enhancing to insane levels all primal feelings. It contrasts so much with Jin's normal nature that it's easy to determine whether his sword has taken severe effects or not on Jin; given how wrathful he is to other persons, and how murderously insane he is towards people he knows when under Yukianesa's influence. This explains his insane, homosexually murderous obsession with Ragna, as well as his utter disgust and hatred for Noel, since Yukianesa reacts strongly to those two beings.
Jin has identified Yukianesa as something of a separate conscience and confronted it on several occasions, and breaking totally free from Yukianesa makes him powerful enough to break real magic since even Phantom has to retreat after Jin defeated Tsubaki. Taking total control over the sword only results in him being a higher power able to confront Ragna, or even defeat Hazama. His personality becomes much more determined in what he wants, all traces of madness and murderous violence vanishing in favor of the ones he really cares for (by now, only Tsubaki can be granted these favors).

  • Exceptional Battlefield Skills: As proven in his winning singlehandedly the Ikarugan Civil War in a pair of days, Jin is a gifted military tactician. Though, since he isn't anymore in command of anyone, he'll have much more hardships in composing battle tactics.
  • Expert to Master use of Yukianesa: Using the Nox Nyctores Yukianesa, Jin can easily encase opponents in various structures of ice, causiong frost bite or just plain freezing on his opponents. He can also use ice as enormous sword-shaped icicles he just uses as various-speed projectiles (Hishouken and Hishougeki) or even propel himself on one (Musou Sneshouzan and Musou Tosshougeki).
  • Master Swordsmanship: As much as Ragna is brutal, primal and straight in his attacks, Jin's moves are elegant, precise and composed. Though, Jin's just as devastating as his brother in terms of sheer power. It ultimately culminated in him creating recently the Kokuujin: Yukikaze, a terrific counter attack that results in him freezing the opponent in time using a shield, and doing a large-windup freezing slash.
  • Power of Order: Jin's Power of Order is stated to give him the ability to "deflect phenomenon intervention through force of will". Since the only person who can ignore this power, Jin can actually destroy and negate any phenomenon as he desires, though Jin can only achieve the required willpower by breaking free from Yukianesa as it - being a Nox Nyctores - limits that power. It also makes them feel animosity towards sources of phenomena (like the Black Beast or Murakumo Units), which is why Jin (that trait extends to Hakumen too) hates them all. It also allowed Jin to break Hazama's masterplan and catch him off guard, if that's any telltale of how powerful it is. It also harmonizes feelings in its users.
    Though the power is negative in the fact that its targets are entities of progress or great powers. The ultimate central goal of that power in its ultimate form should center around freezing the world in a state of equality and nothingness.

History: As a child, Jin was actually pretty needy with all of his family. While his childhood remains mostly a mystery, it's known that Jin liked Saya for the first years of their life, but started to hate her as she became sickly, taking away of all Ragna's attention. Jin became exceedingly jealous, and then Terumi entered the scene, telling Jin that Ragna was the one the Black Beast would be born from and that his fate was to kill Ragna. Jin let Terumi possess him, kidnap Saya, cut off Ragna's arm, murdering their caretaker, and disappearing from the place. Terumi blocked those memories from Jin's mind by using his own Nox Nyctores.
After this, Jin began a completely new life, being adopted by the Kisaragi family, of the Duodecim. Jin easily rose through the ranks with his innate talents, earning extremely high ranks, and also the Nox Nyctores Yukianesa. His adoptive siblings became jealous as they thought he got his ranks due to his adoption, but he never cared about this. After a while, he even came to stop the Ikaruga Civil War. With Yukianesa in hand, he shoved everyone off his way, and froze Tenjou with Yukianesa. In only two days, the end had come to the Civil War. Several years after that, rumors of the Grim Reaper destroying several Hierarchical Cities' NOL branches arose. Jin suddenly dumped his post and pursued Ragna by himself, taken by sudden and extreme psychosis. When they finally met and battled, Jin was controlled by Yukianesa almost totally, and so was in no condition to win. He got incapacitated and sent to the hospital. Being guilty of high treason, Jin came to be targeted for assassination by the NOL, and therefore ran away from the hospital. When he heard of his former subordinate Noel Vermillion staying with Ragna, he decided to kill both out of jealousy. Though, those feelings were so strong and honest as opposed to Yukianesa's influence that Jin eventually got to resist Yukianesa. After several heated battles including his victories over Tsubaki and Hazama (the latter running away from him), Jin tried to assist Hakumen (and by that I mean taking Hakumen's fight for himself alone) in battling Mu-12, but was defeated. Once Mu finally was defeated by Ragna, Jin discovered that Hazama, Relius Clover, and Tsubaki all are working for Saya - who was the Imperator all along. Jin left with Jubei, remaining hidden from Noel and Makoto's sight, in order to train in resisting and truly harnessing Yukianesa.

RP sample: As Jin advanced into the corridors of the Librarium he once belonged to, he heard metallic steps behind him. Though at first Jin didn't really bother with that, he was sure he was being followed, as these incessant steps were still there, and really chipping every bit of his patience away. The former Hero hid in a corner, hoping simple things would do the thing, counting on his reflexes as opposed to the robot (he was assuming it was one) that was chasing him. When it came at his level, the hero planted Yukianesa to freeze the ground, creating an icy spike that covered the thing's legs (or something). And he actually took a look at it. A robot taking the colors of the Librarium? That was completely ridiculous.
"Tell me one reason not to kill... to destroy you right now.
- You have better things to do than that, and I'm not really wishing to be your enemy. Go on before wasting your time, I'm not going to bother you.
- I don't know what kind of shitty excuse that is, but you got it. It only works once, so don't get in my way again."

That said, Jin ran away, leaving the place to the deeper parts of the NOL Cathedral. That was one hindrance dealt with.

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Jin Kisaragi
Jin Kisaragi

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Re: Jin Kisaragi... once again.

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:36 pm

I don't see anything wrong with this.




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Re: Jin Kisaragi... once again.

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:30 pm

Fine by me.


Ragna the Bloodedge
Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: Jin Kisaragi... once again.

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