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Attempting to regain the lost

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Attempting to regain the lost

Post by Tamurai Shukumei on Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:22 pm

(From NOL HQ) ~~~~~~~~~~>

The half-wolf had felt his mind lost and swimmy, what was going on? He could not really place anything steady...he felt a primal urge that had began to feel faint; like a waking dream that someone was unable to focus on. He at present dragged himself against the side of one of the walls, raking his tail against the wall; his partially grown claws dragging along the corridor as if he were trying to get a grasp for what was happening. He briefly remembered the image of a red-head and then it became less and less.

He was coming to, as if he had been in a dreamworld the entirety while being awake. "For my heart...dreams...nothing, my head...and truth.." the murmurings of a a half-wolf. What was he? He knew he wasn't exactly what he thought. His father was a true werewolf he was something awkward...something in between and something out of place. He knew that it wasn't what he could hope for. Not yet, it was just enough to say that he could begin to discern what was normal. "I...saw the...light, the precious dream I had. But was a me." he had no true understanding.

"Someone burns! The ultimate life, my precious, the Murakumo...are ascended...transient...we cannot see!" he punched the wall once, then punched it again before turning and slumping down against it. His body felt out of whack, with such power traversing through him; it was a birthgiven rite and power and he could not understand it. He wanted to, he knew he had to...but to hell with it all.

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