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Tsutomu [Complete]

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Tsutomu [Complete]

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:37 pm

Name: Tsutomu Hibi (real name Tsutomu Tokimoe)

Gender: Very male.

Age: 132

Race: Human (assisted by nanites)

Appearance: Tsutomu is an very muscular and impressive man, standing at 193 cm (6 ft 4 in) and weighing 123 kilograms (271 lbs). He wears a uniform resembling Jin Denzuki's one, which consists of a large coat (his one is dark grey) kept together by a Christian-cross looking piece and a twin belt. Underneath he wears a dark grey shirt with black outlines and dark grey trousers as well. His hair is dark brown, spiky atop his head with a long ponytail.

Loyalty: Rachel Alucard (explained in the History)

Personality: At first sight, Tsutomu is a cocky, self-assured braggart that esteems his life more valuable than most others' ones. He has no particular beliefs, only relying on himself and on Rachel, Valkenhayn or one of their acquaintances (reasons to be seen in the history section). However, when near one of the persons he deems worthy enough, he loses all of his ego and gets dead-blind-respect towards those powerful persons.

Weaponry: A massive concrete slab.

Abilities: Having implanted himself nanites, Tsutomu boasts abnormal healing ability, great stamina and superior strength that allows him to actually wield his weapon efficiently. Tsutomu also has some poor fire magic skills from his short learning at the Mages' Guild.
Nanite-supported organism: His body having successfully received the nanites, he is granted much higher strength, endurance, speed and defense that the normal human is, allowing him to wield that big slab of his, shrug off burns and light hits, regenerate small cuts in a minute (muscle and other internal organs takes quite a while longer to heal though).
Fire Magic: Through his sloppy time at the Mages' Guild, Tsutomu learned to use the little fire powers he has, which go as far as making his hands, slab, or his feet release explosions with an area of effect about one-meter diameter at best.
Custom-style Hibi-ryu Swordsmanship: Tsutomu learned to use his slab of a weapon effectively, and created his own swordfighting techniques to master at best this unexpected weapon.
  • Drive: Golden Burster: Tsutomu's explosive drive attacks have enough power to open large breaches in the opponents' defences, opening him the way to deal massive damage.
    • Distortion Drive: Braver Trinity: Tsutomu chains three explosive blows: first a body blow, then a straight punch, and then a sword vertical swing.
    • Distortion Drive: Oppression Burner: Tsutomu channels his energy in his sword and swings it to "propel" an explosion.
    • Distortion Drive: Explosive Ride: Tsutomu rushes in front of him, releasing several powerful explosions during the rush.

      • Astral Heat: Be Just Or Be Dead: Tsutomu "stabs" his opponent with his slab, lifts it to the sky, and makes a cross-shaped explosion.

History: Tsutomu's life was first that of a power-hungry geek. As a kid, he lusted for human transcendance, laying eyes on technological and magical prowesses at a very young age. He grew up becoming the head of his own research section, accompanying himself with mostly ruthless people that wouldn't disturb his own goals: becoming one of the most powerful persons on the planet (just for the hell of it). He also had his try at the Mages' Guild, discovering himself some thin dispositions at fire magic, and doing whatever he could to become a powerful magician, but his attitude got him expelled at some point. At this point, he went back to his technological progress. One day, while going back "home", he saw a kid being attacked. While knowing this wouldn't be an easy choice for him to assume, he tested his weapon of then, easily beat the rebels, took the youngster in about a year later due to some family trouble apparently, that left Tsutomu the only person to raise him, that which he took profit of by opening the kid to the ways of science. Jin Denzuki had grown up a great scientist himself, letting Tsutomu further his own goals behind the back of his colleagues, and came in conflict several times with his junior, that clearly didn't like Tsutomu's way of doing things, but the latter didn't care about the conflicts, the results were satisfactory enough. With the Black Beast's appearance, he had perfected his knowledge of the nanite technology, and their funding literally skyrocketed, driving all the unit to overwork and letting some time for Tsutomu to run further tests on the nanites he had created, despite the fact that the status of group's head had been denied to him and given to his now-rival Jin; but this would only let him dedicate himself to what he wanted from the beginning. When his colleagues were about to get him out of the group because of his growing lack of interest for the rest of the scientists, the Black Beast attacked the lab, and they all ran inside an anti-atomic shelter, but that was not all over with: even with the work continuing as if nothing happened, they didn't know what was happening outside, and one day, a robotic failure opened a breach in the faultless shelter. The seithr poisoning ended up killing most of the scientists, but letting Tsutomu inject himself the nanites before being forced into unconsciousness. The other scientists made sure their last mission would be complete even beyond their death by letting their last chance a letter: he had to get Jin's brain inside a robotic replica of him. He didn't think his almost-son would go this far, and rewarded him by finishing his job as quickly as possible and looked at him wake up to leave the wicked place with him.
Wandering around the place, he witnessed the seithr infection left behind by the Beast, and even with the nanites implanted into him, Tsutomu felt its effects and was almost driven insane and bloodthirsty by it, that's why he soon left Jin and retreated to the mountains, where seithr was significantly less dense. After ages of hermitage and wild life (under the family name Hibi), he saw afar a big towering city that was Kagutsuchi being built. He headed there on foot, and lost himself inside a forest, and on the verge of losing hope, sanity and the like, saw a shadow- no, two shadows stand up in the misty horizon. Those shadows were actually Rachel and Valkenhayn, and they seemed to have acknowledged his presence, because seconds after, they stood at another point in his horizon, saving him from getting lost in the area. From this day on, he revered the both of them as gods, that permitted him to reach Kagutsuchi mere days after, with all his energy and willpower restored. Once in Kagutsuchi, he looked for the girl that saved his life, and found her quickly enough, probably because she didn't wish otherwise. He became her servant, that way keeping his place as a worthy being in his books, and set off to further his own goals while still being ready to appear at Rachel's single whim.

RP sample: (Everyone knows me well enough as of now.)


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Re: Tsutomu [Complete]

Post by Relius Clover on Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:17 pm

I have no objections.


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Re: Tsutomu [Complete]

Post by Webmaster on Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:31 pm

Sword fighting with a slab of concrete?
That outta be hilarious... do keep in mind that its a brittle material though and won´t last long in fights and needs to be replaced after battles and all.

Other than that, i don`t see anything that would make him more broken than Tager is. He regenerates over time while Tager has his metal endoskeleton to make him tougher.

One thing though, i`ve never heard that Nanites improve the human organisim, aside from the high speed regeneration and some minor things .. turning people superhuman through nanites is Star Trek Voyager territory.

Still, the good points overlap the bad points, so long as it doesn`t go out of hand, its good.

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Re: Tsutomu [Complete]

Post by Sponsored content

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