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A Perfectly Regular Day(Open)

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A Perfectly Regular Day(Open)

Post by Khran the Sauce on Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:04 am

Jimmothy grinned hopelessly to himself as he made his way down the street, towards one of his favorite corners. It was only a little bit after noon. He bobbed his head and idly hummed to himself, listening to some set of dated music or another. He had adjusted his hair so that it more or less covered his eyepatch, his other eye taking in the surroundings without too much effort. He was just a -little- jumpy however, because having amazingly fantastic eyesight comes with the side effect of being spooked by lots of insignificant things like shadows of birds overhead. Or shadows of people in his peripheral. Or shadows in general.

Point is, as soon as a bird flew just overhead, Jimmothy practically flipped his shit, flailing about and shooting around to try and confront something that wasn't there. He blinked, breathing all heavy like.He attracted a few odd glances from people with this small 'bout of 'looking like a complete idiot' so he hastily proceeded on his way, making a mental note to try and be a little less ridiculous in the future.

Jimmothy came to a stop as he reached his corner. It was on the turning point from one street to another, as most corners are, a lamp post at the actual 'corner' part, with two benches up against some buildin walls behind it. Jimmothy had taken it upon himself to etch his name on the foot of the lamp post and the backs of the benches behind it. He plopped down in front of the lamp post, leaning back against it. From underneath his coat he plucked out a book and a chocolate candy bar. Holding the book in one hand and the chocolate bar in the other, he gave his best impression of a person nibbling on a chocolate bar and reading a book that he could. But of course, -instead- Jimmothy was -actually- looking around for anything that was in dire need of some balance. Like someone's assymetrical clothing. Or a one-sided fight. Or a see-saw. Any of those things, really.
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