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Saya the Imperator

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Saya the Imperator

Post by Webmaster on Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:01 pm

Alright, some of you may have seen the spoiler topic, but if you didn`t, here`s a heads up.
Saya, Ragna´s and Jin`s little sister, is the Imperator of Kagutsuchi`s NOL, basically Terumi`s boss and also aiming to destroy Amaterasu.

Whilest little is known about this plotpoint thus far, she´s a canon and can be played here. Just make shit up i suppose...

To the point: I`m going to try and go for signing up as Saya, but anyone who wants the role as well can compete as well. The remaining staff (excludeing me and everyone who competes) will decide who is best when everyone is done. (Unless someone takes a ridiculous ammount of time, then we`ll probably end this before he or she is done)

Things we know about Saya as of now:

Pictures of Saya:

- She`s Ragnas and Jins sister and has become abducted by Terumi, most likely brainwashed by him, although she might´ve brainwashed him, who knows.

- All thirteen Murakumos bear similiarity to her due to them being clones of Saya.

- She has purple hair (most likely hairdye, as since she was a blonde in a flashback of Ragna)

- Her eyes appear to be red, although they could be in a shade of red

- Along with the frail bodybuild and small height, she had gotten very sick dureing her teenhood.

- Although nothing is known about her powers in general, she´s been confirmed to be able to destroy Amaterasu on her own, thus she is also to remain unaffected by the Boundary. It may even be that she´s the first or fourteenth Murakumo Unit.

Everything else is up to your imagineation.


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